Intensive TOEIC course

get a high score on TOEIC!

get a high score on TOEIC!

What's TOEIC?
TOEIC stands for Test of English for International Communication and is an internationally recognised test to assess the English communication abilities of non-native English speakers. This test has been conducted in more than 90 countries around the world and the total number of examinees a year is approximately 4.5 million. For companies, particularly in Asian countries, the TOEIC score can largely affect promotions and employment within the company. The test result is not described as pass/fail but scaled from 10 to 990. With this precise assessment, the reliability and consistency of this test have been highly recognised so that TOEIC is used as one of the world standards to judge the English level of a non native English speaker.
characteristics of the TOEIC course
Callan Method & TOEIC Intensive
The TOEIC test consists of two parts; Listening Comprehension and Reading. At JET English College, you are prepared for the listening section with one of the most famous and effective ways of teaching, The Callan Method, and simultaneously, you can improve your reading skills with the TOEIC Intensive Course by focusing mostly on each part of the TOEIC Reading Section. By covering the two sections, you can aim for the highest score in the TOEIC test! The course has been developed by a non native English speaker who studied a Masters Degree in TESOL and who understands how international students should tackle the test from his experience of teaching as well as taking the TOEIC test. However, the teacher of the TOEIC course is a native English speaker, so you can naturally increase your listening skills whilst you are taking the classes for the reading section. In fact, according to statistics, students have a higher score on the listening section than the reading. Thus, whilst our 2 weeks of TOEIC Intensive Course dominantly focuses on the reading section, we teach it in English to increase your listening skills to make you achieve a higher overall mark!
TOEIC Public Test Centre
Public Test vs. Institutional Test

JET English College is registered as a TOEIC Public Test Centre. Even if the name says Public, the institute can, in fact, provide the two types of test, Public and Institutional. The dates of public tests are specifically arranged by the TOEIC test organisation, so external students are allowed to take the test at the institution conducting the test, whereas the Institutional test has no specific test dates arranged by the organization, but by the institute itself, so only internal students can take the test. JET English College is a TOEIC Public Test Centre, so external students are welcome to take the test at our institute on a specific date. Because we are a Public Test Centre, an official certificate issued by ETS is provided with the test results for each examinee. In NSW, There are only 6 TOEIC Public Test Centres and 5 of them are located in the Sydney area.

How to get this centre:
JET English College does not have any parking facilities but street parking is available in the CBD.
JET English Collee is easily reached by bus or by train.

Public testing centre web page >>

Please contact the following email addresses if you have any problems organising a test: toeic@pro-match.com

Please book early to ensure your place

course contents

Course length: 2 weeks (18:00 – 20:00 Monday – Thursday * 2 hours a day)

Day 1 First Mock Test (Pre-Assessment)
Day 2 – 4 * Description of the TOEIC
* Skimming (speculating and retrieving essential information)
* How to use the test time wisely
* Scanning (retrieving key words)
* Answering a particular type of question “NOT”
* Part of speech
* Useful conjunctions and subordinators
* Trivia for the listening section
Day 5 Second Mock Test (Middle Assessment)
Day 6 – 7 * Gerunds and infinitives
* Pronouns
* Charts and graphs (applied scanning)
Day 8 * Strategies for all the sections
* Overall discussion for the practices
* Orientation for the real TOEIC Public Test

How much is the Public TOEIC test?

The Official Score Report ONLY AUD 180
Includes the following:
・Fees for a TOEIC Public Test
・Official score report with photo
The Official Score Report and Certificate of Achievement AUD 210
Includes the following
・Fees for a TOEIC Public Test
・Official score report with photo
・Certificate of Achievement
TOEIC tests at Jet English College will be held and administered by MIT Institute.
Please also note that our 2 weeks Intensive TOEIC course will no longer be available.
The test schedules and other test information can be found at their website. If you want to book a test or see more details, please click here for further information.

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TOEIC testimonials

Miyuki Kushibiki

my score was increased by more than 100 points

I felt the examination was much easier than I expected, because we had prepared for the exam by working out much more difficult problems during the 2 week TOEIC course.

The teacher’s lectures helped me, not only to learn techniques and strategies for the exam, but also to acquire basic grammatical knowledge which would be useful for daily conversation.

Time management was the biggest problem for me in the past, but this time I could answer all the questions during the exam and even had the time to recheck some of my answers.

As a result, my score was increased by more than 100 points.
I trust this score will be to my advantage to get a new job in my near future and I would like to thank the teacher!

Akiko Hirayama
Akiko Hirayama

This 2 weeks of TOEIC course really paid off

I have taken the TOEIC exam quite few times in the past. I have not studied for it seriously, other than having just done some of the past exams as a practice, but I had thought that I should put myself in the proper course to achieve a higher mark on TOEIC.

This 2 weeks of TOEIC course really paid off. In the class, I can learn how to tackle on a question from different perspectives and the teacher explained us the tips part by part.

At the same time, the teacher taught us how to understand each grammatical structure in each question and how to build more vocabulary lists for TOEIC, so I could say that this course has inspired me to keep studying English in the future. I would like to appreciate for the teacher and proudly state that this course is very effective for the TOEIC learners to study English in the future.

Chiaki Matsunaga
Chiaki Matsunaga

I am foreseeing that I will score over 900 on TOEIC

JEC Higher Career Course

I have been on leave from my studies at university and had been in Fiji to study English, particularly for TOEIC for 5 months. From these studies, I was fairly confident for TOEIC, but I was aware of the fact that I was weaker at the listening section than the reading section. I was struggling to find a way to bring up my listening ability, and I found the Callan Method and JEC to be the solution for this.

The main reason why I chose JEC was that I was not completely attracted to the General English courses I had seen as they had made me feel “slow” in learning English. Moreover, in the Callan Method, while focusing on increasing my speaking ability, I could increase all the other English skills by the way they are integrated together. This might be exaggerating a bit, but I want to say that as for the pronunciation correction and the increase in speaking ability, JEC is the best language school to choose among all the schools in Australia. I can further tell that if you feel that something is lacking in your English, this school can offer the opportunity for you to find your way and provide the changes to your English life in a positive way.

I can say that my English life has changed dramatically. The 2 week TOEIC course at JEC starts just two weeks before the actual TOEIC test, so it was very proper for me to neatly organize my study toward the day of the TOEIC. Honestly speaking, I do not believe there is such a magic course existing to deliver such perfectly suitable tips for students to significantly affect their score. The TOEIC course at JEC gave me some special insights; two mock tests, a lot of assignments, and skills for self-study, and the special tips for the TOEIC from Sam, the great teacher who teaches the Callan Method course as well. With all these aspects, I believe that this course is very effective for one to study for TOEIC.

I am foreseeing that I will score over 900 on TOEIC by fostering my listening ability with the Callan Method as well as my reading ability with the TOEIC course. You can do so as well at JET English College!!

Romain Lemiere
Romain Lemiere

It’s a good atmosphere for learning English and to meet new people

Hi, I’m Romaine and I’m French. I found JET English College by accident! I took lessons in the Callan Method and also the TOEIC preparation course to help me get through the exam.

The staff are great and the teachers are very good. It’s a good atmosphere for learning English and to meet new people.

オーストラリアで唯一のカランメソッド本校 認定校

TOEIC Public Test Centre

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