Today's Callan

See red

Become very angry

He’ll see red
I saw red
It just make me see red

I was so angry, I just saw red for a moment and hit him.
It makes me see red when I see someone hitting an animal.
When he laughed in my face, I just saw red.
Some internet customers are seeing red as a result of the new virus that slowed Web traffic last week.

Conversation 1
Two women talking
A: I’m so angry, you’ll never guess what I just saw.
B: Really? What?
A: I saw a woman in the shop hitting her child.
B: Why was she hitting it?
A; I don’t know, I think it was because it would not stop crying
B: Well hitting it is not going to make it stop!
A: I know, it just make me see red when I see people being so cruel and stupid, it almost made me want to hit her!
B: Well, it’s probably a good job that you didn’t!

Conversation 2
Two men talking
A: What happened to your face?
B: Oh, I went out drinking last night and I got into a fight.
A: Why, what happened?
A: I’m not exactly sure, I was a little drunk so I can’t remember clearly.
B: What can you remember?
A: This guy said something to me, I’m not sure what, but all I remember is seeing red and the next thing I remember is fighting and being thrown out of the club by the bouncers.
B: Wow, it sounds like you had quite a night, maybe you shouldn’t drink quite so much.
A: Yeah you are probably right.

Other colors.
feel blue = feeling a little sad(We have the blues, I feel blue.)
a black mood = very bad mood(Don’t talk to her, she’s in a black mood today.)
green with envy = very envious(When I saw his new girlfriend I was green with envy because she was so beautiful.)
rosy= someone looks in good health, because they have colour in their cheeks

(Callan book4, Stage 8 799p) 

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