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JET English College(JEC) is the first school in Australia to have used the Callan Method as an English learning method. Established in 2006, it has been the first accredited Callan Method school in the country. Our new Pitt Street campus is located near the corner of Bathurst and Pitt Street, very near Town Hall Station, Hyde Park and World Square, making it very convenient for students living and working in and around the Sydney CBD. The campus is spacious in a modern building in the top level of the Sydney Mechanics’ School of Arts. The Sydney Mechanics School of Arts is a refurbished heritage building with recently upgraded lifts and lobby. Further renovations to our campus will be conducted this year to provide an even more comfortable environment.
The Callan Method was first used in London, England in the 1960s and has maintained its reputation as a highly efficient method that is widely used in language schools all over the world.

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JEC has been the leading Callan Method school of Australia. Since its opening, it has been enjoyed and supported by various kinds of students of different backgrounds, professions and age groups. We have students of all ages from young children to adults, as well as working holiday makers, student visa holders and business people. JEC is a TOEIC Public Test Centre and has 5 professionally trained proctors in the school.

JEC has provided high quality educational services for international students in Sydney, but our most successful cases are mainly for Japanese students. We have succeeded in the market not only with the Callan Method and TOEIC testing but also in incorporating Medical English courses including our famous and popular OET preparation course. Through the successful experience, our services have expanded to Curriculum Strategy & Development, Education Consulting and Resource Design & Course Marketing for Medical English for our business partners; our skilled and experienced team can support and consult with your business to implement and develop new courses professionally. For more information, please see the link below

Top TOEIC Client 2011 This certificate is awarded to JET English College in recognition of their promotion of TOEIC, and the maintenance of the highest standards of quality in English Language assessment. TOEIC Excellence Award 2012 This certificate is awarded to JET English College in recognition of continued excellence in marketing & promotion of TOEIC and the highest growth in TOEIC test numbers in Australia in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

オーストラリアで唯一のカランメソッド本校 認定校

TOEIC Public Test Centre

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