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Learn useful and practical medical English!

Medical English at JET English College is recommended for 
the people who are having the following thoughts.

For this course we discussed language needs with medical 
professionals and developed the course based on their responses.

I am currently working at a medical facility and when I see native speakers,I 
cannot fully express myself and can only say things in single words in English..

In our medical English course you will go through a lot of role plays set in various situations so you are practicing using complete sentences, not just individual words. Being able to visualize the situation the language is needed in is important and helps with the learning process. One said that “The role-plays helped me realize that it was very meaningful to actually speak in English to practice with various situations” and this kind of awareness gained from this course helped our students to successfully speak English in real situations.

The expressions I use in English at workplaces are always the same. I am not sure if this might be impolite to some”

Everyone feels cautious when speaking to patients, regardless of which language you use. It is difficult for non-native English speakers to judge if what one says is polite or impolite. With the medical English course at JET English College, you will learn how to say the same things in many different ways. An example of this would be the degree of formality. This teaches you how to say things in polite ways and casual ways; sometimes, it is polite to talk in a casual way when the patient is very already very friendly with you. By having more ways to express yourself, you can be relieved from the anxiety caused by language issues, and most importantly, you can improve your English better in this way.

I believe I use the same expressions that other medical professionals do, but my colleagues and patients do not seem to understand my expressions...

If you use the same expressions that others do and others do not understand, it is most likely that the problems are caused by pronunciation. The medical English at JET English College is taught by professionally trained Callan teachers, who are strict in correcting pronunciation, and you will experience correction right away when you are doing role-plays in this course. As one said “it is very effective to experience the essence of the Callan method while taking this course”, you can learn pronunciation and medical English with this course; it is like you killing two birds with one stone.

I cannot express the differences between here and my home country.  How can I express them?

Many people fall in to the pitfall of thinking that all of their problems in English are caused by their own failings in the language. Even for native speakers problems can arise when they do not understand all of the circumstances of a situation, or even the cultural backgrounds of those involved. This is very common in workplace situations, especially in the medical profession. In the medical English course at JET English College, consideration is not just to medical language, but also to medical related issues to give you a greater understanding of the effects of cultural differences on understanding. Our teacher has a lot of experience working with people from different cultural backgrounds as a medical professional and is able to share her knowledge of this.

I seem to have problems with human relationships with my colleagues and patients. It is very difficult and complicated...
Regardless of your English skills, people with less confidence and less energy are easily misunderstood, thus, it makes one feel that the relationships in the workplace are difficult and complicated, especially when it comes to the fact that you have to deal with everything in a language other than your native one, nonverbal communication is a very important medium of what you want to express. At JET English College, we have many teachers, students and staff that are welcoming and smiling all the time. As our students say “Our teacher is very energetic and I enjoyed myself a lot in the classroom”, one can receive energy from the teachers, students and staff at our school and also gain confidence in learning medical English. You can try to communicate with the colleagues and the patients with the confidence and energy provided by JET English college.

Enrolment (includes English requirement)

How to enroll for Medical English Course

You must have more than intermediate level of English to enroll this course. The reason behind this is that you have to do a lot of role-plays and learn medical terminology.

To ensure that a student is at the right level and up to the criteria, we provide an English assessment to check if the student is eligible to take this course. To conduct the assessment, one needs to go through an interview with one of our teachers, and if they pass it, we can admit them to the Medical English course.

Medical English Course Schedule
※If your English level does not meet with the requirement, you will be asked to do more English lessons before enrolling in the Medical English course.

Medical English Course Schedule

Schedule: Monday to Thursday
Time: 18:00-19:50 (includes 10 minutes break)
Intake: Every Monday
*you can take a FREE trial lesson and an English assessment at 17:00 from Monday to Thursday!

Reasons to take medical English

Can you create a medical English course so that I can learn medical English which I can use here in the hospitals or nursing homes, or even when I return to the hospital in my home country?

This is a request that we commonly received from some of the nurses working at medical facilities in Australia and was the genesis of our medical English course. There are many of our students who have come here with working holiday visas and have overcome the difficulties involved with learning English to successfully move on and work in hospitals and nursing homes. Despite their achievement they still struggle with using English in the workplace and come to tell us about their problems, particularly those involving English. The curriculum of this course has been based upon the needs of these people and the advice they have given us about what is useful and what is not. We have developed this course based upon what people have said they need.

JET English College is wishing to aid the internationalization of healthcare professionals. We hope that this course will assist many healthcare professionals to communicate with their colleagues and patients more smoothly.

This course has been developed with the help of English teachers, nurses, pharmacists, doctors, midwifes and many others. We are very thankful for those who have helped in the development of this course. This course will continue to develop as we try to keep abreast of industry developments and students needs.


  • Everything sounds very useful for real situations!
  • I can remember many words by actually talking to others in the class!
  • It is very interesting to experience the essence of the Callan method while learning Medical English!
  • Our teacher is very energetic and I enjoyed myself a lot in the classroom!
  • The role-plays helped me realize that it was very meaningful to actually speak in English to practice various situations.
  • I was very happy to learn this medical English as I wasn’t confident in communicating with patients.

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