Student's Testimonials

Students Testimonials

The school’s lessons are not the same as usual language school

If you go to a language school, I recommend that you go to this school as well.
When I came to Australia, I was afraid of speaking English, because I had never got a chance to talk with foreigners. So I could not join in conversations and give my opinions during my classes at my other General English school because I always translated English into Japanese and vice versa.
However thanks to taking classes at JEC, I think I am better at speaking, listening and pronunciation than in the past. Although I did not even know what to say when I bought a cup of coffee, I can now give my opinion to someone in English.
After finishing the school, I am going to enter a university in Australia. In my opinion, I was happy that I knew about the school before coming to Australia, because I can learn with enjoyment. The school’s lessons are not the same as usual language school’s lessons. So I would say that most people would get excited !!

オーストラリアで唯一のカランメソッド本校 認定校

TOEIC Public Test Centre

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