Teacher Training

Our teachers have been strictly trained, and only the teachers who have passed the training can work at JET English College and specialise in teaching the Callan Method. In fact, the percentage of applicants who become a teacher at JET English College is about 5%.


To teach the Callan Method, a teacher has to have certain characteristics. When our job positions are available, we receive hundreds of applications, but not many of them have the characteristics. Only several chosen teachers out of the hundreds are eligible to take the training.


“Why is the Callan method so effective?” To find the answer for this, all the prospective teachers at the training experience learning another language from our trainer. The purpose for this is that all the teachers at our school should experience the same things that our students experience in the classroom. In doing so, the teachers can have better perspectives of how the students have fun but struggle to learn English with this method.


Not everyone participating in the training will be employed at the end of training; there are teachers who give up in the middle of the training as well as those who are unable to complete the training. Normally, the ratio of surviving is around 5 %. The training is tough but the quality of it has been proven to have a high standard. Only the teachers who pass this training can remain to be a qualified teacher specialising in the Callan method.


Even once the teachers become professional Callan method teachers, our supervisors will keep supervising the teachers to maintain and improve the quality of the lessons. Furthermore, our school occasionally conducts student survey to receive feedback from our students. The results of this surveys are also used to improve the quality of the school.

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