Callan Method Accredited School

JET English College is the first
Callan Method Accredited School in Australia.

What does accredited school mean?

Accreditation has been bestowed to the schools which meet the high standards set out by the Callan Method Organisation in London. The criteria are the quality of the teachers, the classes and the school. Specifically speaking, it requires that the teaching is carried out to strict Callan standards regarding speaking speed, error correction and class management and that the school follows the rules set out by the Callan Method Organisation.
JET English College has passed the high standards set by the Callan Method Organisation and we are one of the first to be accredited out of more than 400 schools worldwide! We are proud to announce that we are the first accredited school in Australia.

Whatʼs the difference between an accredited and non-accredited school?

Accreditation is only given to the schools that have passed the demanding criteria set by the Callan Method organisation. In other words, students studying at accredited schools can be confident that they are receiving the highest quality education with the Callan Method

Higher quality in the classrooms!

・More strict and accurate pronunciation correction

・Faster speed in speaking and listening

・More appropriate answers to students

・Clearer explanations of new words and phrases
If you want know more about the Callan Method, please see below >>> What is the Callan Method?

New Logo

callan method accredited school
The schools with old logos are the ones that are either notaccredited yet or have been rejected accreditation.
If you want to reassure yourself that the school you attend or you want to attend is an accredited school, you can check through the URL below.

>>>Callan Method Accredited School Search

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Why was JET English College accredited so quickly?

Factor 1 – High Quality Teachers
Our teachers have been disciplined with strict Callan Method training and earned their teaching position by performing to the international standards. There are no other schools in Australia that have this many experienced Callan teachers.

Factor 2 – Quality Assurance
Our counselors have special knowledge about the Callan Method. If students have any questions about the method, our counselors can assist students in a supportive and professional manner. Our teachers and the classroom environment are regularly monitored to maintain the quality of our school. We work together with our students to improve our school by conducting regular student surveys and we use the results to constantly improve our school.
We care about the quality of our classes because we want to be successful in delivering a good education to you.
Factor 3 – Friendly Environment
We believe in maintaining good relationships between the teachers, the school and the students and that this is a very important factor in achieving success. In order to do this, we encourage students to ask our teachers and staff questions. All of the staff here enjoy talking to our students. By having good communication, we build mutual trust everyday between our teachers, staff and students.

Factor 4 – Small Classes & Well Segmented Levels
To enhance our students’ speaking time and to ensure our students’ chances of success, the student number in each class is set to 12 students maximum. (General English classes at other schools are usually 18 students maximum.)
We have four different class times; morning, afternoon, evening and night, and each class time has several different levels, so it is more likely that the students can find a class that is suitable to their level.

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