Business English

Business English


Many business people, after having taken our Callan Method courses, asked us if there was a way of learning Business English using the Callan Method. To meet the needs of our students, we created our own original textbook that would satisfy our current and prospective students. In this course, students are able to increase their speaking and listening abilities, as well as learn phrases and vocabulary that are usually used in everyday business scenarios.

Who takes this course?

  • Business people suffering from communication problems in business situations。
  • Anyone struggling with business negotiations and phone conversations
  • Students thinking of getting a job overseas
  • Anyone wanting to increase their speaking and listening ability in English as well as in Business English

Course Details

Evening Course 5 weeks – Mon – Fri 15:00 – 18:00

Prerequisite: English level equivalent to the completion of the Stage 6 of the Callan Method

Night Course 12 weeks – Mon & Wed / Tue & Thu 18:00 – 20:00

Prerequisite: English level equivalent to the completion of the Stage 6 of the Callan Method

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About the NEW JEC Business English Flex Night Course

The Business English Course has been, for a long time now, successfully run with a pre-determined schedule, that is Monday to Friday, three hours a day. Because of our success with the Business English Method, we have now received many requests to make the availability of the method more flexible. To satisfy our students, we now include a second schedule to suit more of our students.

With the new schedule, the students can complete the course anytime within 6 months by taking all the classes. The Business English course is structured with 24 classes, so students can start taking the course anytime, and complete the 24 classes within 6 months. For example, if you start the course on the 1st of June, you may take classes until the end of November. You will need to check the dates that the classes you want to take are on. Even if you are busy with your private or part time job, you can plan your schedule and complete the course without any concerns. When you have completed all the classes, you can receive a certificate of completion in Business English at JET English College.

If you want to finish the course just as before, that is, Monday to Friday, you can still finish it in 12 weeks.


Callan Method and Business English at JET English College are more than I expected!

Masaki Ozaki

Masaki Ozaki

I had studied English in the past before I came to Australia; I had never thought that it is fun learning English. However, when I started learning English at JEC, I could feel that my attitude toward English was turning to be a lovable precious time.
The most attractive point of the Business English course is that it was so creative that it had provoked my curiosity from deep inside. In my case, I was taking the Callan Method course in the morning and Business English in the evening at the same period of time, and I felt that all the time I was there at school was valuable and the method of teaching was so flawless that I could always see myself progressing and improving in English every single day. In fact, even though I had never had a full time job and had never been fully involved with business yet, the clear explanations from the textbook helped me to understand the content very clearly. Also the teachers I had been admiring always taught me in a unique way with very fun atmosphere so that I could have a lot of fun in the class with clear understandings of the contents. Speaking of the content, Business English does not only target one particular area, but contains many significant words used in real business situations in various fields. The content is so dense that students can widen its possibility and can have better understandings of the business. With the ability I had earned here at JET English College, I am hoping that I can have a job that is related to English or can have a job overseas.If you are interested in English or time to study, I strongly recommend you to take the Callan Method and Business English at JET English College; it will be more than you expect for the course. If you are still hesitant, I suggest that you make the move now.

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