Preliminary English Test (PET)

About the course

With this course, you will be able to:

  • ・Develop a good foundation to aim for a higher certificate, such as FCE
  • ・Learn practical English that can be used in universal situations
  • ・Build your confidence in using English in different situations


There are some companies and oranisations that recognise PET.

  1. Outside Australia (Examples)
    In Australia (Examples)
    ・Tasmania Polytechnic

The number of organisations recognising PET is increasing in the world. We can say that you can expand your chances in the world with a PET Certificate.

Course details

Our timetable is flexible, but is Monday to Friday, either 9:00-12:00, 12:00-15:00, or 15:00 -18:00
*For the availability of the course and the timetable, please contact our school.

Entry Requirement

IELTS4.0/TOEIC 450 equivalent or higher
*A placement test will be in place. This can be waived with proof of qualifications.
*If your English does not meet the requirements but you still want to join the course, you can study with the Callan Method prior to the PET course start date.

PET Exam Information

  1. Papers
    ・Reading and Writing →50%
    ・Listening →25%
    ・Speaking →25%

    Pass with merit
    Pass with distinction
  2. Reading & Writing
    Test Time:1 hour 30 minutes
    Students must show they can understand text by completing reading comprehension tasks. They must also show their writing skills by drafting a letter, a story or a short message. Students are tested on their vocabulary, grammar and structure.

    Test Time:10-12 minutes
    Students must show that they are able to speak English by having a conversation, asking and answering questions, and talking about their likes and dislikes. This part of the exam is done face-to-face with one or two other candidates.

  3. Listing
    Test Time:30 minutes
    Students must show they can understand spoken English. Students listen to spoken material such as announcements and discussions, and then answer related questions.

    Exam Location
    Exams are conducted at more than 2,700 places all over the world, and JET English College is one of the locations you can take a PET Exam in Australia.

 Contact us for more details

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