Student Holiday Package!

For Student Visa Holders! The Callan Menthod for a longer duration!

NEW! Student Holiday Package!

Do you want to study English with the Callan Method for a longer duration? Here is the solution for you with a special package from JET English College.
With this new package, you will be able to schedule your study in very flexible ways. For example, It is very popular for serious students to take the Callan Method, at the same time as they take General English or other courses. You can also take a break or vacation during your stay in Australia with this package, so you can have enough time to get a part time job to earn your living expenses.

The package is recommended if one of the followings applies to you.
・I like the Callan Method and want to take it for a long time.
・I want to improve my communication skills in English.
・I don’t have enough money, so I want to get a part time job in Sydney while studying English.
・I need to get a part time job in Sydney, but I don’t want to spend my life in Sydney just working, and I want to study English at the same time.
・I am thinking about going to vocational school / Universities in Australia.
・I need to have a practical and useful English in the English speaking country.
Want to keep studying?
Want to keep your holidays and study time separate?

Go to vocational schools in Australia
Direct Pathway through JET English College

  • JET English College has direct pathways with vocational colleges in Australia. Once our students meet with certain criteria, they can enter the vocational colleges without taking language tests, such as IELTS.
  • We have many students who have received good scores in IELTS. This proves that our method is effective in academic ways.
  • With the new student holiday package, students can take a course at JET English College for a long duration, so students have more chances to go for the vocational schools.
【Courses offered】
・Children Services
List of vocational schools


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TOEIC Public Test Centre

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