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Fall to pieces

to lose control of oneself
collapsed, fell apart, broke down, lost it


She fell to pieces when she heard the news that her husband had died.

She fell to pieces when she heard the news that her husband had died.
The government is falling to pieces in the run up to the election.

Conversation 1
A: What happened to Sarah?
B: What do you mean?
A: I just saw her run out in floods of tears.
B: I don’t know, we were watching TV when her phone rang, she answered it and then just fell to pieces.
A: Who was calling?
B: I don’t know, I couldn’t hear
A: Well we better follow her then and make sure that she is alright.

Conversation 2
Couple fighting

Girl: You never listen to me anymore, and you never want to do anything with me.
Boy: That’s just not true, you’re always busy with your friends and never have any time for me!
Girl: You liar, you know that is not right!
Boy: Look I think our relationship has been falling to pieces for a long time now, maybe we should just call it quits.
Girl: Are you saying you want to dump me?
Boy: Well it would be better than fighting all the time, which is all we seem to do.
Girl: But if you left me I don’t know what I would do.? My world would fall to pieces.

(Callan book4, Stage 8 765p)

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