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I’ll be able to have native English speakers comment on my English

Since I arrived in Australia, time has quickly passed by and I have been used to life here with my friends around the world and have had more chances to speak with native English speakers along with the time here in Australia. Because number of the chances has increased, I have to confront with huge wall standing right in front of me, the pronunciation.
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I heard that JEC offered speaking-oriented teaching

At the point of three month since I came to Australia, I was happy to feel that I became accustomed to the life style here; however, I felt not accustomed to learning English as much. In a language school, I learned English with grammar-oriented teaching so that it took while to communicate with others, especially in oral communication.
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an “at-home” atmosphere, so it is easy and comfortable

JEC provides an “at-home” atmosphere, so it is easy and comfortable for new comers to begin with. What makes JEC different from other schools is the teaching method, Callan Method; we have to think in English all the time. First of all, we have to remember a sentence in order to answer the question from the teacher.
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a good method if you want to learn and practice grammar quickly

The Callan Method will be a good method if you want to learn and practice grammar quickly, and if you want to improve your pronunciation. The lessons are very fast and we repeat during several lessons the same vocabulary and grammar points. But we don’t have homework so it is very nice when you go home late.
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the program was going to be effective in helping me

Although I have been studying here for just three weeks, I am going to honestly explain about the environment I am in, the staff, teachers and how I feel so far. When I arrived for the first time at the offices which compose the JET school,
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I am very happy with all of my teachers

I think this is an excellent method and I am very happy with all of my teachers. I have noticed an improvement in my English after just a week of lessons. The constant pronunciation correction is particular helpful.
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This is it!!!

My first impression of the Callan Method was that I wish I had tried it sooner.
Before that, when I was attending other English Schools, my English hadn’t improved as much as I had expected, especially speaking.
Everyday I agonised over how I would improve my pronunciation and speaking skill.
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