Student Testimonials

Thank JEC for making myself an Australian naturally.

I think My English has been somewhat improved since I started to attend to JEC. Even though I felt the tuition is not reasonable, it is valuable and worth taking classes once you achieve somewhat level of English; all you need is motivation. I would recommend this institution if you have not decided to go a particular language school.
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You better take it!

It is inevitable for everyone to confront with the feeling of inability of speaking English. In fact, when I was at a language institution, my teacher told me “I cannot understand your Japanese English.” Since then, I had had an inferiority complex in English. At the time I was inferior for English, I found JEC and had a bite of the class, but still I was wondering if I could be any better by taking classes at JEC.
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small numbers of students and opportunities to speak with teacher

By learning at JEC, what made me surprised at first was improvement of my listening ability. Simultaneously, I studied TOEIC and took the test, and then I was sunned by my scores on TOEIC; the best score that I have ever had in my life. With small numbers of students and opportunities to speak directly with teacher with its mother tongue, I could feel all students were passionately attempting to learn English and respond to teachers as the teachers were powerfully and impressively speaking to the students.
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I could, thus, pronounce better and feel the intensity of the class

I attended to one of the major school in Australia, and I have had a big question holding in my mind since then: Why are there no correction of conversation among students and why do they do activities that can be done after school?
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It really is great to have the confidence and result of the lesson

With the 2nd Year Working Holiday Visa and through some thoughts on learning English, I have come the decision of focusing on speaking ability; thus, I decided to take a trail lesson at JEC.
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JEC helps not only my speaking but also my writing productive

For three months, I had participated in a language institute, but I did not think my English ability was sharpened as much as I had expected. With little bit of the disappointment, I was seeking for some other institutions to brush up my English ability. Through the thought above,
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I would love to attend this school more to improve my English

JEC surely changed my thought on English, although I, at the beginning, was not certain for how JEC effectively improves my English; I was suspicious of its slogan, think in English. With the doubtful thought of mine and the different learning method of JEC,
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I am smooched with this method

I have been, for long, looking for a language institution with concentrating dramatically on speaking due to lack of my improvement in speaking, particularly pronunciation. During the time I was in the search, I was lucky enough to find that JEC was launched, and then I had a trial which convinced me that this is the school for which I have been searching.
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I would absolutely love to take the course next time I come back

Class with Callan method is very unique and different from classes at other institutions, particularly in speaking. In fact, the quantity of the time the students speak in the class is larger than any other language institutions. The most impressive point is that all we do is simply a lot of listening and speaking repeatedly.
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The class is always filled with full of enjoyment and good rhythms

By having stayed in Australia for 10 months, I made friends from overseas and am currently working as a waitress at a restaurant. Only concern that I have for staying in Australia is that despite of 10 month of staying in Australia, I did not learn much of English.
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