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Callan Method knocked out my difficulties studying

Before coming to Australia, I thought I was going to find local jobs upon arrival. I thought it was the smart idea and a quick way of learning English while earning money. I went out with friends from various countries where English is spoken. I even had some confidence speaking English before. However, it did not take a long to break my confidence.
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You can improve your english by just repeating sentences

Hi I’m Allessandro and I’m from Italy.

I chose JET English College by chance, and I didn’t know too much about the school.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this school, but after a while I realized that it was a great school with a really friendly team.
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The classes are small, so everyone has opportunities to speak Eng.

The classes are small, so everyone has plenty of opportunities to speak English. The best thing is that you always speak to the teachers who help you to improve your speaking, instead of speaking with other students.
The grammar takes just a small part but still takes its part during the lessons. The books have a good structure.
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I must say that I am very impressed with JET English college

I, Buabucha SAWANGWONG or known as “Mel”, must say that I am very impressed with JET English College as they have given me such a warm welcome.

All the teachers and staff here at JET are very friendly which makes me feel comfortable and able to enjoy learning English. The teachers change every hour which allows me to experience a wide variety of English speaking people and the wide variety of ways of learning English.
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The method is very efficient; it allows you to improve your grammar

We really enjoyed the company of all the staff, the teachers are friendly and able to satisfy our every curiosity.
The method is very efficient; it allows you to improve your grammar, your pronunciation, but most of all your vocabulary.
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I feel my listening and speaking has improved a lot in a short time.

Most of the students in Taiwan learn a lot of grammar, reading, and writing, and, the weakness is always listening and speaking.
However, it seems to be difficult to solve this problem in a normal general English course.
I had never heard about the Callan Method before, but after the trial, I realized that the Callan Method is just what I need. So, I made the decision to choose JET.
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My pronunciation mistakes are corrected instantly when I make them

I was doing General English at another school, but I felt I could not improve my speaking and listening skills as much as I wanted. So I came to JET English and my English is much better now because of these three reasons:
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It was very interesting to attend the classes.

Even in the first lesson you will see that this is a very different way of learning English than the boring school English.
If you don’t like learning grammar but want to have a funny class with great teachers then try a class here.
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I convinced the change in my linguistic way of thinking

Since I was in Sydney, I knew that I have been in an environment to expose myself to English. However, I was struggling with the process of thinking in Japanese first and then constructing an English structure next. There was no easy way out, but I found an advertisement of JEC, and that rings my bell.
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Very friendly and welcoming.

I have heard the name of “Callan Method” but I had no chance to know the content of it.
In fact, it was my first time to meet Callan method in my 10 years-history of English studies. When I participated in the trial lesson, I could not ride on the wave of the lesson and got lost in a way, but this way of teaching I first experienced comes deep in my mind and decided to take classes at here in JEC.
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