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JET English College(hereinafter referred to as [We]),has established regulations for the handling of information about your company (hereinafter referred to as [personal information]). We are committed to protecting personal information appropriately. We may disclose your personal information to various law enforcement or government agencies.
Collection of personal information
The collection of personal information is necessary to change or delete contact information. We only collect personal information which is necessary.
Use of personal information
Personal information will be used within the purpose of our operations. We will not disclose information to any third party without your consent unless required to by law.
Protection of personal information
We take measures to prevent the tampering with or leakage of your personal information from unauthorized access or data loss.
Disclosure personal information?
When processing personal data, appropriate management will be implemented, and information will not be disclosed or offered to third parties.
Purpose of usage of personal information?
We collect your personal information for the following purposes:
  • For the implementation of contracts
  • For Company Product Information
  • For the Contact Us and Request Procedure
  • For arranging appointments for counseling
  • For Provisional applications
  • To provide e-mail and mail handling services
  • To conduct market research
We guarantee that we will not use personal information for reasons other than those listed above, and without your consent, personal information will not be transferred to, or used by third parties.
Cancelation of personal information
All information from clients will be disposed of permanently when it has been processed.
Other information
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