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night course Busy during the day? Study from 6-8

JET English College teaches English using the world famous Callan Method; a revolutionary teaching method that was developed in England, and has since spread around the world. The Callan Method teaches English in a quarter of the time of other methods and has a great success rate in preparing students for English exams such as the Cambridge Exams and IELTS. The method focuses on speaking and repetition so that the student learns to speak confidently and naturally in a short time. All work is done in the classroom so the student does not have to worry about homework.

Who can benefit from studying with this method?

What are the advantages of studying at night?

・Lessons only twice a week
・If you have to miss a lesson for some reason it can be taken later (Conditions apply)
・Two hours per day (Lessons are fifty minutes each with a ten minute break between classes)
・If you wish to study more you can do four nights a week.

How can JEC help me?

・JEC can help you with your listening and speaking skills
・JEC can help if you are worried about your pronunciation
・JEC can help increase your confidence in speaking English

OET Night course

Do you work in the medical profession and want to work in Australia? This is the course for you.
・Prepare for the OET exam with speaking, listening, reading and writing practice
・Develop your knowledge of medical English
・Learn English specifically for your profession

TOEIC Intensive night course

JEC is an authorised TOEIC public test centre
We offer a two week intensive course designed to improve results fast
・Target problem areas in the test and resolve those problems
・Get the score you need to find work

 Free consultation and trial lesson

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TOEIC Public Test Centre

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