The Callan Method Course

5 key aspects of the Callan Method at JET English College

  1. English in a quarter of the time!
    JEC uses the Callan Method, with which you can learn English in a quarter of the normal time.
  2. No Homework
    With the Callan Method, there is no homework. However, the course is very intensive and, it will develop your concentration. Just focus on your study during the class and enjoy your Australian life outside the class!
  3. Equal speaking time helps to overcome shyness
    Another feature of the Method is that all the students in a class enjoy an equal amount of speaking time. With most other methods the most talkative of the students do nearly all the speaking whilst the others usually sit in silence. A further feature of the Method is that it overcomes the student’s shyness. Many students when learning a foreign language are afraid to speak it. With the Callan Method being based largely on oral question-answer work, the student is forced to speak, and consequently soon overcomes their fear.
  4. Suitable for students of all ages and all nationalities
    The Callan Method is suitable for students of all ages and nationalities and can obtain excellent results with both young children and elderly people.
  5. Free trial lesson
    You can join a trial lesson before you enrol with us.

course level

text book

There are 12 stages in the course.
JEC provides you with Callan Method Textbooks, which are directly imported from the Callan School in London.
What happens during lessons at JEC?
  • Learn grammar through practice and repetition
  • Learn vocabulary through practice and repetition
  • Improve your understanding through regular reading practice
  • Check your progress and writing skills with regular dictations
  • Improve your pronunciation and increase your confidence in speaking through immediate and constant correction by the teacher

These things help you “Speak English with the correct grammar and clear pronunciation.” Which is one of our mottos of JEC.


Flexible Time Table

You can choose to study in the morning, afternoon, evening or night. The daytime classes (morning, afternoon, and evening) are each 3 hours long. Students have a 15 minute break every 45 minutes. Night classes are suitable for those who cannot attend lessons during the day, with each class held twice a week. You can choose to study on either Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays. Night classes are two hours each day, starting at 6pm and finishing at 8pm.

How the classes work

1st hour Revision of work learnt the day/week before
2nd hour New words and new grammar
3rd hour SLT

Level Check

When a student begins his studies, a teacher from JEC interviews him in order to ascertain his knowledge of English so that they can find him a suitable course. This is called a Prova.

About Prova – Level check like a taking a class –
Many language schools call the first day school test for “Placement Test” or ”Level Check Test.” These tests are more like test-format level check and judged with completion of the tasks for reading, grammar, and essay writings. However, the prova at JEC is unique and different from other tests. The student’s level of English is checked as if the student is taking a Callan Method lesson. By taking our test, our trial students can feel and experience the Callan Method and in doing so, student get used to the classroom as if they had already experience of the method. During the prova, the testing teacher can quickly and accurately find out how fast the student will become accustomed to the method. In addition, the teacher can grasp the English ability of the student more precisely and accurately. The speed at which students learn is always different; some are fast whereas some are slow. At JET, regardless of how much time you need to study English, we will help you. Test-format level check cannot assess the learning speed of the student having taken the test, but the prova can check the learning speed of the student, so we can minimize the difference between the English competence and the English performance of the student in the classroom.

Free consultation and trial lesson

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